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Our company financially supports public utility “Medical clown.”

At present time, the professional medical clowns considered to be an effective part of the healing process. They operate in pediatric wards in the world and in most developed European countries such as Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and the Slovak Republic.

History of the idea of these medical clowns dates back to 1986 when Michael Christensen, director of Big Apple Circus Clown brought together professional clowns who came up with the idea of trying their presence in children′s wards. Even as a concept this idea was introduced in the Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

It was found that regular visits of clowns contribute to improve mental and therefore the physical health status of patients, including severely ill. At present, the medical professional clowns considered to play an important role in the treatment process in pediatric wards of hospitals not only in America but also throughout Europe.

The main objectives of medical clowns:

  • Provide medical clowns to visit children and geriatric wards in hospitals in the Czech Republic and the idea that Medical Clown can become a part of every hospital
  • Helping to improve the overall mental and thus the physical health of children and the elderly patients in hospitals and in homes for the elderly
  • They contribute to the relaxed atmosphere of the hospital environment, homes for the elderly
  • They maintain and develop high professional medical clowns′ visits, so that their visits appropriately complement medical treatments
  • Provide training in innovative methods and approaches that may be apply in environment with high- stress factor
  • Extend and publicize the idea of medical clowns as psychosocial program, which is an important part of comprehensive medical care






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