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Since the beginning of its activity, the company MO ATELIER s.r.o. is dedicated to providing all the work in the construction industry, from the site preparation to final inspection.

That means that this activity incorporates:

  • Determining the suitability of the site or the object to the proposed investment plan
  • Ensuring all documents for drafting the purchase or lease of expertise in the field of structural engineering, water works and constructions economy
  • Providing work-related tasks at Real Estate Register-providing images and statements of LR, deposit protection and changes in LR
  • Providing geodetic measurements, hydrogeological and radon survey
  • Processing of all supporting documentation, including a preparatory documentaion and hearing-noise studies, studies of environmental impact etc.
  • Preparation of project documentation from studies to implementation of the project including the focus of the current state
  • Engineering in obtaining planning decision & building and water management permits
  • Technical and construction supervision of the investor and ensuring of all requirements for approval of construction, architect's supervision
  • Construction of buildings, transport and civil engineering with a managerial manner
  • A complex legal services

The company currently has within its ranks seven permanent employees, who make up a well coordinated team of size that is constructed for optimized coordination of the work on the project. Further our company cooperates with external companies in order to provide highly specialized requirements of the related areas of this business.

Flexible management of this team allows to process any suggestions that investors may have at short intervals. All of their work is processed on high quality hardware and software.

Start with us already the preparation of investment, then ... before you begin to build.






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tel. +420 736 246 986, IČ: 24809233

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